About Chris

If you asked, "Who was Chris Steele?" you would get many answers... a wonderful son, a good buddy, a funny guy, and a good athlete, to name a few. While these all describe "who" Chris was, they don't describe the essence of "what" made Chris the person he was.

Chris set high standards for himself (sometimes even to his detriment) and expected that others did the same for themselves. If Chris said he would do something, he did it… and on time. If you needed something he'd help you, and would often not wait to be asked, but would be pro-active in offering his help. He was fiercely loyal and would support his friends without reservation.

Chris truly cared about people and expected the same in return. Even throughout his long illness, he was more concerned about the people supporting him than he was about himself. Even though Chris is no longer physically with us, the essence of Chris will live on through the Christopher Steele Foundation. The Foundation, through the support it will provide cancer researchers and organizations that assist cancer patients and their families, will be a true reflection of the essence of the Chris we so love.

Tom & Ellen Steele


The Christopher Steele Foundation was started in August 2006 by the family and friends of Chris Steele who died of an inoperable brain tumor in 2006 at the age of 23. The Foundation is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, one of the many communities sending students to Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois where Chris attended. The Foundation, which hopes to one day have a national scope, will always have deep ties to the towns and villages comprising the Stevenson School District where many of Chris’ friends and family live and work.


The mission of the Christopher Steele Foundation is quite simple: raise as much money as possible and donate it to institutions and individuals who are researching cures for brain tumors (with particular emphasis on sarcomas). The Foundation is especially interested in innovative treatment approaches. Funds may also be directed to services that support patients and their families. The Foundation will also support young men whose athletic activities reflect Chris' interest through annual hockey and baseball scholarships established for Stevenson High School athletes.


The Foundation is a recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit tax-exempt organization. The Foundation’s Federal Tax ID/EIN is: 20-5398151.

The Foundation is run by a Board of Directors made up of Chris' family and friends. Many other individuals generously donate their time and efforts on the Board or working on other activities of the Foundation.

All members who work on Foundation activities are volunteers. No member receives any compensation for their work on the Foundation in order that the greatest amount of money be channeled into donations. Should the Foundation become large enough it is possible that a paid Executive Director would be considered.

Fund Raising Activities

The fund raising activities of the Foundation currently fall into two categories:

Events: During the course of the year the Foundation holds several events such as golf and bowling outings. The Foundation pays service providers for these events and the profits constitute funds that the Foundation has available for donation. Typically, the events also include silent auctions, raffles and pledge opportunities. The Foundation also participates in events run by other organizations such as the Long Grove Rotary Club Race/Walk where participants raise funds for the Foundation by soliciting pledges from the community. The Foundation is always considering other types of events that might generate funds.

Donations: The Foundation actively solicits donations from individuals and organizations including corporations. These funds are then available for donations by the Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Foundation is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please feel free to contact us. Volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs: helping run fund-raising events, soliciting individuals and businesses for silent auction or monetary donations, stuffing and mailing correspondence and a host of other needs that arise during fund-raising. We have found that our volunteers have extraordinary talents when they become involved in Foundation activities and we would love to use your talents for this worthwhile effort.

General Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation through any of the following methods:

The Christopher Steele Foundation
P.O. Box 6188
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6188

(847) 525-5108

We look forward to hearing from you.